Dear Collectors

Welcome to the 2018 Impressions catalogue. The Philatelic Team once again offers you a range of limited edition items based on stamp themes released throughout the year. Regardless of what theme your collection follows, you’ll find something exciting in this year’s range.

Download/view Impressions 2018 Please note the Impressions PDF is of a high quality and is approximately 13mb in size.

There are 11 products available in the 2018 Registration of Interest offer. The offer goes live from 8:30am (AEDT) 5 November 2018 and is open for one week. This process continues to be the fairest way we can provide collectors with an opportunity to obtain one of these very limited products, and the online method of payment for successful buyers introduced last year is also the easiest way to purchase your items.

A feature in this year’s range is a first for Australia Post. Using a two step process, we present a true 3D version of a Silo Art minisheet. This was achieved using 3D print technology followed by an image printing process. Refer to page 26 of the catalogue or PDF for full details.

I hope you enjoy Impressions 2018!

The Impressions 2018 range of products goes live online from 8:30am (AEDT) 5 November 2018.

Michael Zsolt