Welcome to the first edition of the Stamp Bulletin for 2019 and the year of themes and celebrations ahead. I would like to welcome you back, and also new subscribers to the Collectables e-newsletter. You may be starting a collection for the very first time, so I hope you enjoy the journey ahead.

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I would also like to thank collectors for the support extended to Australia’s farming communities through the purchase of Drought Relief stamps, the sale of which helps those affected. This important initiative gave us all an opportunity to offer assistance.

Our year begins with a celebration of the year of the pig and this year’s Lunar New Year stamp release. The product range will interest collectors, especially a joint Australia Post and China Post stamp pack.

A stamp release, also in January, marks the resettlement of the entire population of Pitcairn Island to Norfolk Island in 1856. After 33 long days at sea, and most onboard suffering sea-sickness, the ship arrived on 8 June. For most settlers their arrival was dominated by first encounters, including the sight of the large- scale sandstone buildings.

In February we release a range of stamp designs that will also be made available through our Personalised Stamps™ service.

The designs provide stamps suitable for celebrations, special occasions, or just for everyday use. We’ll also mark the centenary of the birth of Robin Boyd (1919- 1971), one of Australia’s leading architects whose reputation was forged through his innovative design thinking, remarkable buildings and subject commentary.

In the mid-19th century the world watched on as gold fever gripped the nation, bringing thousands of prospectors to Victoria. While some would be disappointed the lives of many would change forever. In 1869 John Deason and Richard Oates struck gold just below the surface, uncovering a massive 100kg gold nugget called the Welcome Stranger. A single stamp marks the 150th anniversary of the find.

I hope you enjoy the range of collectable products presented.

This content was produced at the time of the Stamp Bulletin publication date and will not be updated.

Michael Zsolt