Dear collectors,

Welcome to the September–October edition of the Stamp Bulletin, and to a range of new stamp issues and products. Several of these stamp issues mark significant historical and cultural events.

In early September we mark the 50th anniversary of the arrival of a carbonaceous chondrite meteorite with a single-stamp issue. After an explosion and sonic boom, several hundred small meteorite fragments fell around the northern Victorian town of Murchison, an amount of which was recovered and is now held in various scientific institutions. Later in September, we release two large-denomination stamps to cover a rise in international postage rates. They feature views of Sydney city and harbour, and the Elizabeth Quay, on Perth’s riverfront.

One of the most infamous events in maritime history was the mutiny on the HMS Bounty, in 1789. We recognise this through a Norfolk Island stamp issue, part of our territories program. The stamp designs present the mutineers on the $2 stamp and the casting adrift of Captain Bligh and others on the $1 stamp.

An issue for release in early October commemorates the Great Air Race of 1919, for which £10,000 was offered to the first Australian crew to fly from England to Australia within 30 days.

The issue's double-commemorative $3.20 stamp recognises that the first overseas airmail to arrive in Australia was carried on board this historic flight. Two Royal Australian Mint coins in PNCs associated with this issue introduce an exclusive Australia Post Privy Mark.

Another two-stamp issue for release in early October recognises a significant cultural milestone in Australia. Marriage equality was achieved after a successful referendum led to amending the 1961 Marriage Act.

Seed banking is crucial insurance policy in the conservation of native flora species and the resilience of our botanical world. This practice is recognised through the three stamp designs in the Seed Banking Australia issue. And also for release in October is our final instalment in the popular Fair Dinkum Aussie Alphabet series. I hope you enjoy the playful designs for outstanding letters: D, F, H, I, M and P.

Michael Zsolt