Have you subscribed to the new Australia Post Philatelic Collecting Community?

If so, your Welcome Pack will be with you in up to 6 weeks from us receiving and processing your registration.

If you haven’t received your Welcome Pack after 6 weeks, let us know and we’ll follow up to see why you haven’t received it yet.

The Welcome Pack includes an exclusive FREE gift* for subscribers, and it’s a beaut! It’s a special version of the “In the Garden” sheetlet and features 10 new design elements:

  • Three birds (on a branch, on roof guttering, perched on a fence)
  • Two butterflies (hovering in front of the window and over the lawn)
  • A ladybird strolling along a garden bed edge
  • A skink sunning himself on a rock
  • A couple of bees checking out the flowers
  • A pair of gardening gloves
  • A pair of garden clippers

Light up the top of the sheetlet with the UV light included with the Welcome Pack and you’ll see mesmerising moonbeams shining down over the garden. For those collectors who own a UV-A light (known as a “black light”), you will be able to use it to highlight sunbeams over the garden scene.

The pack presents a fun “quiz” (with some of the words missing) to see how many sustainable gardening methods you can identify in the sheetlet. Five methods are listed and we’ve provided the missing words for you here:

  1. A rainwater garden that collects water directly from the roof
  2. A veggie garden in a raised bed (container)
  3. A nest box that offers small birds a place to shelter and breed
  4. A worm farm that produces natural fertiliser for the garden
  5. Birds, butterflies and bees that pollinate our native plants

The Philatelic team look forward to tailoring a range of exclusive opportunities for Collecting Community subscribers throughout the year.