Hello Collectors

Welcome to a new-look Stamp Bulletin for 2020 and a change to the way we present forthcoming stamp issues and products. You’ll notice that the new format emphasises the stamp subject visually and, for easy reference, places all stamp issue details, including technical specifications, in one place.

I’m excited to introduce Australia Post’s new stamp concept, titled MyStamps. This service allows you to create your own stamp designs using a range of nonstandard stamp shapes. It’s a lot of fun! Simply upload your images, select the shape and denomination (either domestic or international), it’s that easy. You can order via the Australia Post online shop or through one of the 27 trial Post Offices for instant printing. MyStamps is designed for social and everyday mail users, event organisers and business. For collectors, we’ve produced a MyStamps sheetlet pack, which includes all nine stamp shapes available. Refer to page 10 for details.

And some news on the Australia Post Australian Legends Award, too. Beginning in 2020, we will release this annual stamp issue at a time that suits the issue subject for the year, rather than fixing it to late January, as has been tradition. This will allow us to better align the issue with any events associated with the recipients of the award and their particular field of endeavour.

Michael Zsolt

Manager, Philatelic, Australia Post

This content was produced at the time of the Stamp Bulletin publication date and will not be updated.