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Shipwrecks: Capturing our maritime past – Part 3

20 August 2017

In this final instalment, we move to the mid-19th century – an era when steamships were becoming a commercially viable alternative to sailing ships.

Shipwrecks: Capturing our maritime past - Part 2

14 August 2017

In our first instalment of this three-part article series, we spoke to artist Adriaan de Jong about the meticulous process involved in researching and painting the Zuytdorp shipwreck. In this article, we move from a Dutch VOC trade ship to a Royal Navy ship sent to hunt down some famous insurgents.

Numismatics 101: Coin Collecting Tips for Beginners

09 August 2017

Brianna Langley has been collecting coins since she was five. She has coins that date back to the early 1800s. Here Brianna offers some tips for beginners to numismatics.

The naming of Christmas Island

07 August 2017

The naming of Christmas Island seems to be a fairly straight-forward story: Captain William Mynors sailed past it in 1643, in the early hours of Christmas day, and named the island “Christmas Island”. However, when we look closer...

Don’t miss out on these special offers!

04 August 2017

Here is your opportunity to order the 2017 first day covers issued by Australia Post between July and September 2017 and save 15% on the recommended retail price. Orders must be received by 15 September 2017. Your first day covers will be sent to you on a quarterly basis, commencing October 2017.

Stamp Bulletin 348

04 August 2017

Welcome to this edition of the Stamp Bulletin and a range of collectables for everyone. We have presented all of the products released this September in a separate edition with October releases to be sent to you next month.

Shipwrecks: Capturing our maritime past - Part 1

03 August 2017

In June 1712, with an estimated 200 or more passengers and crew on board, the VOC ship Zuytdorp was wrecked on the Western Australian coast.

New movies feature on licensed stamp packs

31 July 2017

This August, we present two licensed stamp packs featuring exciting new movie releases for The Emoji Movie and Beauty and the Beast.

Get into Stamp Collecting Month 2017

24 July 2017

Get involved in Stamp Collecting Month (SCM), and learn all about the amazing dragonfly: nature’s flying machine!

Licensed stamp packs to warm your winter

03 July 2017

There are some great licensed stamp packs to enjoy this winter. A BBC Earth licensed stamp pack released on 20 June 2017 and on 11 July, we will release two licensed stamp packs that celebrate anniversaries of much-loved classics of the big and small screen.

Postcodes turn 50!

01 July 2017

Australia’s system of postcodes was introduced on Saturday, 1 July 1967, 50 years ago. Four-digit postcodes were developed for electronic mail handling equipment at the former Redfern Mail Exchange in Sydney.

The Trans-Australian Railway: 100 years

29 June 2017

The Trans-Australian Railway, completed in 1917, was a major infrastructure project for the newly formed Australian Commonwealth. It linked the eastern and western states, from Port Augusta, South Australia, to Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Joining this vast and isolated 1,693-kilometre stretch required 2.5 million hardwood sleepers and 140,000 tonnes of rail track!

Mail by rail

29 June 2017

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, railways provided a fast and reliable means of carrying the mail. The opening of a new line usually meant transferring the carriage of mail to rail, instead of by coach or ship, to ensure the mail arrived sooner and at more predictable times.

A philatelic rarity comes to the stage

26 June 2017

The play Mauritius, by award-winning US writer Theresa Rebeck, is being performed at the New Theatre in Newtown from 12 to 29 July.

Micro cuts on self-adhesive stamps

23 June 2017

Micro cuts are small security cuts that improve the adhesion of the stamp to the article surface and also prevent self-adhesive stamps from being removed easily for possible re-use.

Celebrating 25 years of two fun-loving bananas!

14 June 2017

In 2017, Bananas in Pyjamas is celebrating its 25-year anniversary. To help the celebrations, Australia Post is releasing a licensed stamp pack and postal numismatic cover .

Inside the wonderful world of Australian succulents

14 June 2017

To showcase some these amazing ‘water-storers’, we are releasing the Australian Succulents stamp issue on 20 June 2017. The stamps, designed by Janet Boschen, feature four endemic Australian succulent plant species.

Australia Post Legends announced during Reconciliation Week

13 June 2017

The official announcement of the 2017 Australia Post Legends Award recipients and the launch of the associated Australia Post Legends stamp issue.

The short fiction of Henry Lawson

08 June 2017

Henry Lawson (1867–1922) was a writer and poet, who was known as the “Poet of the People”. His writing was distinctly Australian, with stories, characters and language that reflected various aspects of Australian life and identity, both pre and post Federation, including republicanism, poverty and his own experiences in the outback.

Lions Clubs International: 100 years of service

01 June 2017

In 2017, the largest community service organisation in the world, Lions Clubs International, celebrates its centenary. Lions Clubs International is a secular and politically non-aligned community service organisation that seeks “to create and foster and spirit of understanding among the people of the world”.