This joint issue with New Zealand and Singapore is being released to mark the 50th anniversary of bilateral relations between Singapore and Australia, and Singapore and New Zealand. Singapore gained independence from Britain in 1963, uniting with other former British territories in the region to become part of the Federation of Malaysia. In the wake of administrative and ideological disputes, Singapore was expelled from the federation on 9 August 1965, becoming an independent nation in its own right.

The 50th anniversary coincides with Singapore 2015, the world stamp expo being held in Singapore on 14–19 August, and this stamp issue will released at that time. Symbolising the political democracy through which Australia, New Zealand and Singapore are all governed, the parliament house of each nation is shown across the three stamp designs. The stamps demonstrate the architectural diversity of these buildings, the symbolic language of each expressed through the styles, forms and materials of which the buildings comprise.

The Stamps

70c Parliament House, Australia
Opened on 9 May 1988, the Parliament House of Australia is the third home of the federal government since its formation, in 1901. Strategically located on Canberra’s Capital Hill, this architecturally significant building was designed by New York-based Mitchell/Giurgola & Thorp, following an international design competition. Made almost entirely from Australian materials, the building covers some 250,000 square metres. Among its notable design elements are the forecourt mosaic, based on Aboriginal artist Nelson Jagamara’s Central Desert dot-style painting representing Possum and Wallaby Dreaming, and the 81-metre-high stainless-steel flag-mast that towers above the building.

$1.85 Parliament House, New Zealand
In 2015, the New Zealand Parliament marks the 150th anniversary of its relocation from Auckland to Wellington, in 1865. Today’s seat of government emerged from the ashes of its predecessor, destroyed by fire in 1907. Only ever half of the building originally envisaged and designed by Government architect John Campbell, Parliament House was long beleaguered by problems of space before “the Beehive” was built to address this. Designed by British architect Basil Spence in 1964 and opened in 1979, the unconventional Beehive sharply divided public opinion on its completion, although it is now, generally, affectionately embraced. New Zealand’s Parliament ranges over two further buildings, the Parliamentary Library and Bowen House.

$1.95 Parliament House, Singapore
Officially opened on 4 October 1999, Singapore’s Parliament House was built in direct response to the increasing number of parliamentary members and the constraints of its 1827 neo-Palladian precursor. The Public Works Department designed the new seat of government, which comprises three “blocks” integrated with a restored 19th-century building. Sited in an historical district of Singapore, Parliament House references the built heritage of the area, while its rooftop prism is a modern interpretation of a traditional dome and its extensive use of columns a nod to classical architecture and the authority this symbolises.


Technical Details

  • Issue date

    14 August 2015
  • FDI withdrawal

    12 September 2015
  • Denomination

    1 x 70x, 1x $1.85, 1 x $1.95
  • Stamp design

    Sonia Young, Australia Post Design Studio
  • Product design

    Sonia Young, Australia Post Design Studio
  • Printer

    RA Printing
  • Paper - gummed

    Tullis Russell
  • Printing process

  • Stamp size

    35mm x 29.4mm
  • Perforations

    14.28 x 14.28
  • Sheet layout

    Module of 50
  • National postmark

    Canberra, ACT 2600
  • Issue withdrawal date

    28 February 2016


Sonia Young and has worked in publishing and in design and advertising agencies in Melbourne and San Francisco. She joined the Australia Post Design Studio in 2011. Her stamp issues include Historical Architecture: Government Houses (2013), Australia’s Age of Dinosaurs (2013), Native Orchids (2014), Nostalgic Advertisements (2014), Australian Racecourses (2014) and Long May She Reign (2015).

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