In the Garden: Stamp Collecting Month 2019

Stamp Collecting Month (SCM) is all about engaging middle to upper primary school students (and their teachers) with interesting themes, presented through stamps. This website explores a range of topics related to sustainable gardening and our In the Garden stamp issue. It also contains videos, fun activities, teaching resources and more.

Explore the range of topics related to sustainable gardening in our In the Garden stamps

Lesson plans for teachers

Engage your students in SCM through our curriculum-linked lesson plans. This year’s SCM stamp issue, In the Garden, focuses on themes appealing to students and providing learning opportunities that are linked to both the curriculum and real life. SCM 2019 encourages learning about sustainable living, kitchen gardening, biodiversity, plant and animal behaviours, and minimising our environmental impact.

Year 3: Nest boxes:

Year 3: Nest boxes

Students will investigate the native birds and other wildlife that visit the school grounds and design and build a nest box for a chosen species.

Year 4: Wonderful worms:

Year 4: Wonderful worms

Students will explore the relationship between worms and plants and build a worm farm for the school while raising awareness of the benefits of composting with worms.

Year 5: Rainwater gardens:

Year 5: Rainwater gardens

Students will explore how to be water-wise before designing and building a rainwater garden for their school.

Year 6: Sustainable veggie garden:

Year 6: Sustainable veggie garden

Students will explore the symbiotic relationship between native pollinators and growing edibles before building and maintaining a veggie patch in their school grounds.

More activities and resources

If you’re a parent, caregiver or teacher, here are some free resources to share with children. Want some more advice on stamp collecting? Read our tips on starting a collection.