Hello Collectors

Welcome to a new edition of the Stamp Bulletin, presenting upcoming Australian stamp issues and themed collectables, including the stamps that we plan to release to celebrate Australia’s participation in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, postponed last year due to Covid-19 but which are now expected to take place from 23 July to 8 August 2021.

The stamp issue Ticket to Tokyo marks the lead up to the Games, where around 12,000 athletes are expected to participate in just under 340 events in more than 30 sports. During the Games, Australia Post will mark a Gold Medal win by Australian athletes with the release of a sheetlet of 10 stamps within 72 hours of a gold medal presentation (see page 6 for details).

Australian Contemporary Sculpture showcases four smallscale sculptures made in Australia in the last six decades by renowned and skilful artists. Norfolk Island Museum: Maritime Models presents hand-crafted model ships from the museum’s collections. The vessels, the HMS Sirius and the HMAT Supply, are linked with the British settlement of both Australia’s east coast and Norfolk Island in 1788.

There are three new stamp releases that highlight both the adaptability and fragility of nature. Australia’s Volcanic Past features three extinct volcanoes: two on the Australian mainland and one now comprising Lord Howe Island. Australian Native Bonsai presents three Australian native tree species as bonsai, an ancient art and science with Chinese and Japanese origins. Christmas Island Turtles highlights two endangered species: the Hawksbill Turtle, which feeds around the island, and the Green Turtle, the only turtle species that nests on the island.

We are busily preparing for Stamp Collecting Month in August, which celebrates the popular pastime of stamp collecting, particularly with children in mind. This year’s theme focuses on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Maths), an important part of the school curriculum. Full of colour and fun, the illustrations bring to life virtual reality, hydroponics, space study, robotics and urban design.

Michael Zsolt

Manager, Philatelic, Australia Post

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