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Welcome to another edition of the Stamp Bulletin, which presents upcoming Australian stamp issues for September and October. Included is a stamp issue to mark the end of the Holden era in motorsport. A fleet of Holdens is expected to compete in a final Bathurst 1000, in 2021.

We mark the centenary of the iconic Australian comic strip character Ginger Meggs, who was originally known as Ginger Smith, when he made his debut in 1921. The mischievous red-headed boy continues to delight fans in Australia and around the world.

We also mark 100 years since the establishment of Australia’s first regular airmail service, only a decade after Australia’s first aeroplane flight. In 1921, the government put out its first tender for a subsidised mail and limited passenger service, which operated in north-west Western Australia.

Our Centenary of the Archibald Prize stamp issue celebrates this renowned award for portraiture, by showcasing three winning portraits from across the decades, including one of the most universally recognised – a portrait of artist Albert Namatjira by celebrated Australian portrait painter William Dargie.

We recognise the important work of the RSCPA, which has been undertaking and promoting the care and protection of animals for 150 years.

We also mark Her Majesty the Queen’s 95th birthday with a release that has been timed to coincide more closely with the official celebration of this milestone in Western Australia (end of September) and Queensland (early October).

There are four new stamp releases that focus on themes from our natural world. Wattle Wonders showcases wattle flowers that bloom in colours other than yellow, the most typical. We present some of the oldest living organisms on Earth, through AAT: Lichen. Norfolk Island’s two endemic butterfly subspecies are showcased, and we highlight three Australian animals that have mastered the art of camouflage.

Michael Zsolt

Manager, Philatelic, Australia Post

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