Hello Collectors

Welcome to the latest edition of the Stamp Bulletin, presenting new stamp issues for Australia and Australian Territories.

In July, we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the knighting of Pastor Sir Douglas Nicholls KCVO OBE, a tireless advocate and the first Aboriginal Australian to receive this high honour.

We also mark the centenary of the Australian men’s national football team, now known as the “Socceroos”.

Also in July, we’ll release a three-stamp issue featuring Australia’s iconic Budgerigar, or Budgie. This colourful and clever small parrot is one of the world’s most popular pets.

In August, we commemorate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of Australia’s Antarctic research program, which facilitates diverse and important scientific research into the icy continent.

We also look back on the completion of the Overland Telegraph line, connecting Adelaide and Darwin, 150 years ago. This line transformed communications across the country as well as between Australia and the rest of the world.

Also in August, we feature an insect whose call is synonymous with Australian summer, the cicada. There are roughly 1,000 species of cicada native to Australia, which is the greatest diversity of this group of insects in the world.

We also celebrate the achievements of the recently announced Australian Paralympians of the Year, with two special sheetlets of stamps. See page 31 for details.

Michael Zsolt

Manager, Philatelic, Australia Post

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