We’re using science, technology and critical thinking to solve the 21st century’s greatest challenges!

This year’s Stamp Collecting Month (SCM) website provides teachers of Foundation to Year 6 with valuable topics and supporting educational resources to use in the classroom at any time of the year. It also contains videos, fun activities, teaching resources and more.

The five stamps depict elements of STEAM

STEAM is part of the existing primary and secondary curriculum and includes topics such as sustainability, biology, robotics and coding, chemistry, physics, astronomy and computer science as well as the creative arts, such as painting. The groundwork for these subjects occurs during the primary years.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a digital, computer-generated, three-dimensional...



The topical subject of environmental sustainability is an important ...

Space Study

Space Study

Space science is a perennial favourite with students and, with the ...



A robot is a computer-programed machine that substitutes ...

Urban Design

Urban Design

The Design and Technologies curriculum asks that students create ...

Teacher's activity guides

Our SCM activity guides include fun and engaging activities that focus on discovering more about STEAM and that are linked to the national curriculum.

Smart Solutions:

Smart Solutions

Contains activities all about technology that are changing how we produce energy and food, how our cities are designed, and much more!

Age Of The Machines:

Age of the Machines

Teaches you how to make your very own robots!

Aiming For The Stars:

Aiming For The Stars

Investigates what it is like in space and encourages students to think about how they would build their own space station!

More activities and resources

If you’re a parent, caregiver or teacher, here are some free resources to share with children. Want some more advice on stamp collecting? Read our tips on starting a collection.

Championing Sustainability

The Pen Pal Club

Pen pal letter writing is a fun, creative and rewarding way for your students to practice literacy and communication. Use our lesson plans, sample templates and/or join our Pen Pal Club to get started.

Learning about stamps

Lesson plans for teachers:
Learn about stamps

Check out our three lesson plans on how students can learn about the history and creation of stamps.

Stamp collecting tips for beginners

If you’re new to stamp collecting, we’ve got some tips to get you going. Of course, the SCM stamp issue, Wildlife Recovery, is a great place to start.

It's cool

Cool Stuff About Stamps

Behind the scenes of Stamp Collecting, still one of the most popular hobbies in Australia.

  • How stamps are made
  • What are stamps?
  • Stamp stuff to collect
  • Stamp lingo!

Behind the scenes: Why collect stamps and how stamps are made

Find out why stamp collecting is such a popular hobby, and watch how stamps get made.