Stamp Collecting Month 2017: Dragonflies

Be dazzled by nature's flying machine - the incredible dragonfly!

Stamp Collecting Month (SCM) provides an exciting way for middle to upper primary school students (and their teachers) to engage with interesting themes through stamps. This website introduces you to the five dragonfly species featured in our SCM stamp issue, and contains videos, fun activities, teaching resources and more.

Meet the stars of our Dragonflies stamps

Our 2017 SCM stamp issue features five magnificent dragonfly species, via incredibly life-like illustrations. The dragonfly is one of the most captivating creatures in the insect world and was the first faunal creature in Australia to be described, after a specimen was collected in 1770.

Scarlet Percher

Percher species belong to the genus Diplacodes, which ranges through...

Arrowhead Rockmaster

The Arrowhead Rockmaster is a beautiful mid-blue colour...

Australian Tiger

The Australian Tiger is a striking dragonfly, its common name...

Jewel Flutterer

The Jewel Flutterer is, as its name suggests, a brilliant jewel-like...

Beautiful Petaltail

The Beautiful Petaltail is one of five Giant Dragonfly species that are...

Activities and resources

If you’re a parent, caregiver or teacher, here are some free SCM resources to share with children. Want some more advice on stamp collecting? Read our tips on starting a collection.

Resources for teachers

Bring nature's flying machines into the classroom with our SCM teaching resources, including five exciting units of work.

Fun activities for children

Fun dragonfly-themed activities for younger students including colour-ins, puzzles and fun things to do.

All about stamp collecting

If you’re new to stamp collecting, we’ve got some tips to get you going. The SCM stamp issue is a great place to start.

Stamps: behind the scenes

Find out why stamp collecting is such a popular hobby, and watch how stamps get made.