Visitors flocking to some of Australia’s most beautiful destinations can board a range of transport vehicles for sightseeing tours. This stamp issue is a sequel to the 2012 issue Capital City Transport.


John White, Australia Post Design Studio

Products released in this issue

  • Stamp (4 x 70c)
  • Covers (blank pictorial, gummed and selfadhesive)
  • Stamp pack
  • Maxicard (4)
  • Booklet of 10 x 70c
  • Chequebook of 20 x 10 x 70c
  • Roll of 100 s/a
  • Strip of four
  • Collector pack
  • Gutter 10 (with design)
  • Postcards

Technical specifications

Issue date
3 March 2015
Issue withdrawal date
30 September 2015
4 x 70c se-tenant
Stamp design
John White, Australia Post Design Studio
Product design
John White, Australia Post Design Studio
McKellar Renown
Paper - gummed
Tullis Russell
Paper - self-adhesive
Paper (rolls)
Printing process
Stamp size
26mm x 37.5mm
14.60 x 13.86
Sheet layout
Module of 50
FDI postmark
Victor Harbour, SA 5211
FDI withdrawal date
1 April 2015

Stamps in this issue

70c Phillip Island VIC

Phillip Island is located just over 100 kilometres south of Melbourne and covers an area of some 10,000 hectares, featuring both sheltered bay beaches and renowned surf beaches, including Cape Woolamai. The island is also known for its wildlife viewing, including little penguins, koalas and fur seals.

The stamp features the rugged and rocky Cape Woolamai, which offer beautiful views of the Pinnacles rock formation. The headlands of Cape Woolamai are the Island’s highest point. The region has been declared a National Surfing Reserve, due to the significance of its surfing heritage and the pristine nature of the environment, which includes ancient pink granite rock formations.

70c Lady Musgrave Island QLD

Lady Musgrave Island is an uninhabited, 13 hectare coral cay located in the Great Barrier Reef. It is the southern-most cay in the Capricorn Cays National Park and is surrounded by a large, navigable lagoon (the view from which is featured on the stamp.)

The reef surrounding the island is approximately 2930 hectares, including the lagoon. The lagoon boasts an abundance of coral, fish and turtles as well as outstanding natural beauty, making it a popular destination for snorkelling and diving.

$1.40 Bruny Island TAS

Bruny Island is located around 40 kilometres south of Hobart. It is actually two islands (North Bruny Island and South Bruny Island), which are separated by an isthmus (narrow strip of land), known as The Neck, which is featured on the stamp.

North Bruny is mostly comprised of flat, open pastures and bushland. In contrast, South Bruny is hilly and includes large areas of rainforest. The south island is home to the South Bruny National Park, which includes surf beaches, large areas of state forest reserve and the Cape Bruny Lighthouse.

The Neck is home to the Truganini Lookout – a boardwalk of timber steps that takes you to the prefect vantage point to enjoy spectacular 360-degree panoramic views of the Bruny Island coastline, as depicted on the stamp. The timber steps also lead to a memorial to the Nuenonne people and Truganini herself, whose family inhabited the area prior to European settlement, when it was known as Lunawanna-Alonnah (also referred to as Alonnah Lunawanna).

The isthmus is also an important habitat for native wildlife, including little penguins and short-tailed shearwaters.

$2.10 The Buccaneer Archipelago WA

The Buccaneer Archipelago is a spectacular collection of around 1,000 islands in a remote and pristine area off the Kimberley coast in Western Australia.

The scenery is beautiful and diverse, including untouched beaches, secluded reefs, dramatic and rugged cliff formations, rain forests and mangroves as well as ancient Indigenous rock art.

The Buccaneer Archipelago can experience strong and unpredictable tides of up to 11 or 12 metres, which are the largest in Australia and among the biggest in the world. The strong, charging movements of these tides, as they push through narrow gaps in the cliffs, create an amazing natural phenomenon – the Horizontal Falls in Talbot Bay, which are featured on the stamp.

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