The 35th Asian International Stamp Exhibition “Macau 2018” will be held between 21 and 24 September 2018. The event will feature competitive and non-competitive exhibits, approximately 70 retail booths and an activities zone.

Australia Post will have a double-sized booth at the show, which will not only allow us to present some fantastic philatelic products for sale but also to fit a special perforating machine, in which customers can perforate their own stamp sheetlet!

Great Barrier Reef – set of 4 minisheets

Four beautiful reef-themed minisheets, based on the Reef Safari stamp issue from Stamp Collecting Month 2018, will be produced for the show. These stunning daily minisheets showcase the capabilities of Australia Post’s production arm, Sprintpak, by featuring four different printing techniques, one for each day of the show: a translucent pearl foil with a hand-sculptured emboss (Day 1 minisheet); a clear laser holographic foil with a hand sculptured emboss (Day 2 minisheet); a copper foil with a hand sculptured emboss (Day 3 minisheet); and the use of a special pearled self-adhesive paper (Day 4 minisheet).

Special postmarked and numbered versions will be available only at the Macau show (one design released each day, 300 per day).

The set of four minisheets will also be available for purchase through the Australia Post online shop, via mail order and at Post Offices, from 21 September 2018.

Great Barrier Reef – sheetlets

A special sheetlet containing two $2 Reef Shark stamps from the Reef Safari stamp issue will be available at the Macau show. The show sheetlet is imperforate, allowing show attendees to place it in the perforating machine at the Australia Post booth.

A sheetlet set (one perforate and one imperforate) will also available for purchase online and via mail order, from 21 September 2018.

Great Barrier Reef – 3D minisheet (show only)

The 3D minisheet from the Reef Safari stamp issue, with the Macau show logo, will also be on sale only at the show. The minisheet has been produced using lenticular printing, a technology that uses lenticular lenses to create an illusion of depth and the ability to view the image from different angles. Only 300 will be available per day from the Australia Post booth.

Event details

Macau 2018
35th Asian International Stamp Exhibition
The Venetian Macao - Conference & Exhibition Centre

21 & 22 September 2018: 10am – 7pm
23 September 2018: 10am – 6pm
24 September 2018: 10am – 4pm

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