Dear Collectors

Welcome to the 2020 Impressions product range based on the stamp issues released throughout the year. Themes include historic and cultural milestones and special anniversaries, events celebrated here and overseas, and also Australia’s fauna and natural wonders.

Most of the products in Impressions are exclusive releases, with special print variations and product treatments. In some instances products are released in very low numbers attracting a lot of attention from collectors of Australian stamps. Some products are also numbered.

As with previous years, there’s an exclusive range of very limited-edition offers you can register your interest in via the Limited Edition Registration. The Registration offers all collectors the best opportunity to gain one of these very limited products.

I hope you all enjoy the range.

Michael Zsolt

Manager, Philatelic, Australia Post

Catalogue error: The 2021 Year of the Ox Silver Bullion Coin (0318575) featured on page 26 of the ‘2020 Impressions’ catalogue has been advertised without listing the coin’s weight and is displayed using an incorrect coin image. The 2021 Year of the Ox Silver Bullion Coin (0318575) is a 1/2oz silver bullion coin and is in fact a coloured coin.

This content was produced at the time of the catalogie publication and will not be updated.