Jo Muré has been one of Australia Post’s long-standing stamp designers, creating appealing and much loved philatelic products for 18 years. We talked to her about her interesting career journey, her enjoyment for designing ‘miniature art’ and her favourite projects to date.

Jo can you tell us what made you want to become a designer?

From a very young age I enjoyed drawing and painting and anything crafty. I spent a lot of time admiring all the famous artists and experimented with colour and painting techniques. Throughout my education I always had excellent artists/teachers who inspired me and were always encouraging. They suggested I look into pursuing graphic design as my career. I investigated what I needed to do and decided to dedicate myself to pursuing a career in design.

Tell us about your career journey and how you came to work as an Australia Post philatelic designer.

I started at Australia Post as a designer whilst I was at RMIT studying for my honours year. I really enjoyed my first experience of working for the organisation, and once the year was finished I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to stay and assist the studio with some projects for a short time.

I left to pursue my own business in ceramics and homeware for three years, which was an amazing experience. By running my own company I learned to look after everything from design, manufacturing, client relationships and deliveries for both Australian and International stockists.

A little while afterwards I was asked to come back to Australia Post to assist with more project work, which I clearly enjoyed as I stayed put and I am still here 18 years on!

What do you love about designing stamps?

I really love that I am designing miniature art that is part of Australian history. I find designing for such a small scale challenging, and the subject matter and historical content is always interesting. It is exciting to see your own illustrations or design work posted on letters, knowing they are being sent all over the world. It is also very special to know there are keen collectors looking for and collecting my designs.

What tools do you use for designing the stamps?

We use the Adobe Creative suite and the latest Apple Mac computers, but wherever possible I like to use my illustration skills and experiment with different styles to resolve my design briefs.

What is the design process for philatelic items at Australia Post?

Once the Australia Post 12 month stamp program is confirmed, the different stamp issues are assigned to in-house designers and for external creatives. We are provided with a theme and relevant content and then it is up to us to come up with the creative concepts and present our ideas to the review team (which includes marketing and content experts).

Any feedback is taken into account, and design revisions are made and reviewed. Once the philatelic team have signed off the stamp designs they are then presented to the Stamp Advisory Committee for further review.

What has been your favourite project to work on so far?

I am fortunate to have worked on so many fantastic themes but I am very proud of the Cats and Dogs issue from 2004 and Postie Kate stamps released in 2006. These projects are highly memorable because I was able to use my illustration skills to design the stamps, as well as develop an extensive range of products that were well received by both collectors and the public.

All illustrations for the Postie Kate stamp issue were done by Jo, including all illustrations featured in the gutter strip

Why do you think collectors are so passionate about stamps?

I think being a stamp collector can mean different things to different people, but I think the rarity of a stamp is the biggest prize and having a complete collection is important. I am a collector myself and look for stamps that are illustrative and stylistic in design. I particularly like to collect stamps that use different printing effects like metallic inks or foil embellishments.

Minisheet from Stamp Collecting Month 2015: Our Solar System stamp issue. Jo designed all the stamps and products.
A board game for Postie Kate designed by Jo.

Checklist of stamp & product designs by Jo Muré

Our Solar System, 22.09.2015 (stamp & product design): 2 x 35c, 6 x 70c (SB 336)
Birth of a Princess, 25.08.2015 (stamp & product design): 70c (SB 336)
Netball World Cup Sydney 2015, 04.08.2015 (stamp & product design): 70c (SB 335)
Islands of Australia, 02.06.2015 (stamp & product design): 2 x 70c, $1.40, $2.10 (SB 334)
Colours of the AAT, 26.05.2015 (stamp & product design): 2 x 70c, 2 x $1.40 (SB 334)
Australian Trees, 17.03.2015 (product design): 70c, $1.40, 2 x $2.10 (SB 333)
Christmas 2014, 31.10.2014 (Secular stamps illustration & product design): 3 x 65c, 70c, $1.70, $2.55 (SB 331)
Era of the Husky, 09.09.2014 (stamp & product design): 2 x 70c, 2 x $1.40 (SB 330)
Southern Lights, 26.08.2014 (product design): 2 x 70c, 2 x $1.40 (SB 329)
100th Anniversary of First Air Mail, 01.07.2014 (stamp & product design): 70c, $2.60 (SB 329)
Centenary of WW1: 1914, 22.04.2014 (product design): 5 x 70c (SB 327)
Floral Emblems, 24.03.2014 (stamp illustration & product design): 4 x 70c, $1.40, $2.10, $3.50 (SB 327)
Australian Legends of Cooking, 17.01.2014 (product design): 5 x 60c (SB 327)
A Royal Christening, 07.01.2014 (stamp & product design): 60c, $2.60 (SB 326)
Christmas Island Christmas, 01.11.2013 (product design): 55c, $1.80 (SB 325)
Holey Dollar and Dump 1813–2013, 22.10.2013 (product design): 60c, $3 (SB 324)
Carnivorous plants, 13.08.2013 (stamp & product design): 4 x 60c (SB 323)
Pardalotes: Australian birds, 11.05.2013 (stamp typography & product design; stamp illustrations: Christopher POPE): 60c, $1.20, $1.80, $3 (SB 322)
Diamond Jubilee Coronation, 09.04.2013 (stamp & product design): 60c, $2.60 (SB 321)
Australian Legends of Music, 18.01.2013 (stamp & product design): 10 x 60c (SB 321)
Surfing Australia, 12.02.2013 (product design): 4 x 60c (SB 320)
Top Dogs, 19.02.2013 (product design): 5 x 60c (SB 320)
Sporting Legends – Susie O’Neill, 12.10.2012 (stamp & product design): 2 x 60c (SB 319)
Christmas 2012, 01.11.2012 (stamp & product design): 3 x 55c, 60c, $1.60 (SB 319)
The Australian Ballet: 50 Years, 16.10.2012 (stamp & product design): 2 x 60c (SB 318)
Farming Australia, 26.06.2012 (stamp & product design): 4 x 60c (SB 316)
Australian Waterbirds, 06.03.2013 (stamp typography & product design; stamp illustrations: Christopher Pope): 2 x 60c, $1.65, $2.35 (SB 315)
Farming Australia, 20.03.2012 (stamp & product design): 10c, 20c, $1, $3, $5 (SB 315)
Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, 03.04.2012 (stamp & product design): 60c, $2.35 (SB 315)
Precious Moments, 17.01.2012 (stamp design with Jennifer SCALZO): 5 x 60c, $1.20 (SB 314)
ANZUS, 16.11.2011 (stamp & product design): 60c (SB 314)
Australia–Korea Year of Friendship, 31.10.2011 (Australian stamp & product design; Korean stamp design: Jae-Yong SHIN): 60c, $1.65, (SB 313)
Christmas 2011, 31.10.2011 (stamp & product design with Simone SAKINOFSKY; stamp illustrations: Gavin RYAN): 3 x 55c, 60c, $1.50 (SB 313)
Golf, 27.09.2011 (stamp & product design): 3 x 60c, $1.65, $2.35 (SB 312)
50th Anniversary of Amnesty International, 05.07.2011 (product design): 60c (SB 311)
Royal Wedding, 12.04.2011 (stamp & product design): 60c, $2.35 (SB 310)
Capturing the Moment, 04.05.2011 (stamp & product design): 60c (SB 310)
Dame Nellie Melba 1861–1931, 10.05.2011 (product design): 60c (SB 310)
Christmas Island Crabs, 07.06.2011 (stamp & product design): 2 x 60c, 2 x $1.20 (SB 310)
Australian Legends: Advancing Equality, 20.01.2011 (stamp & product design): 4 x 60c (SB 309)
Dear Santa, 01.11.2010 (product design): 2 x 55c (SB 307)
For Special Occasions – Wedding Bands, Gown and Roses & Floral Graphic (stamp design), 19.07.2010: 2 x 60c, $1.20 (SB 305)
Centenary of Girl Guides, 31.08.2010 (stamp & product design): 60c, $1.50, $2.20 (SB 305)
Great Australian Railway Journeys, 07.05.2010 (product design): 3 x 55c, $2.10 (SB 304)
Shanghai World Expo 2010, 18.05.2010 (stamp & product design): 2 x 55c, (SB 304)
Australian Commonwealth Coinage 1910–2010, 23.02.2010 (product design): 55c, $2.75 & mini sheet (SB 302)
Classic Toys, 25.09.2009 (stamp typography & product design; stamp design: Jamie TUFREY): 5 x 55c (SB 300)
Australia Post – 200 Years: Australia’s Favourite Stamps, 26.06.2009 (stamp & product design): 5 x 55c, (SB 299)
Favourite Australian Films, 03.11.2008 (stamp & product design): 5 x 55c (SB 295)
For Every Occasion, 23.09.2008 (product design with Simone SAKINOFSKY): 9 x 55c, $1.10 (SB 294)
Aviation, 05.08.2008 (product design): 3 x 50c, $2 (SB 293)
50th Anniversary of Christmas Island as an Australian territory, 18.06.2008 (product design): 3 x 50c, $1.45, $2.45 (SB 292)
Lest We Forget: Anzac Day, 16.04.2008 (product design): 5 x 50c (SB 291)
Cocos (Keeling) Islands – Visiting Birds, 26.02.2008 (stamp typography & product design; stamp illustrations: Christopher POPE): 2 x 50c, $1, $1.45 (SB 290)
Caravanning through the Years, 16.10.2007 (product design): 5 x 50c (SB 289)
Postie Kate, 01.06.2006 (stamp illustration & product design): 5 x 50c (SB 283)
Christmas 2005, 01.11.2005 (stamp typography; stamp illustrations: Ursula BETKA): 45c, $1 (SB 281)
Aviation in AAT, 06.09.2005 (product design): 2 x 50c, $1, $1.45 (SB 281)
Christmas 2004, 01.11.2004 (product design with Lynette TRAYNOR): 45c, 50c, $1 (SB 277)
Cats & Dogs: Stamp Collecting Month, 21.09.2004 (stamp illustration & product design): 4 x 50c, $1 (SB 276)
Christmas Island Underwater, 13.07.2004 (stamp & product design): 5 x 10c, 10 x 25c, 5 x 50c (SB 275)
Rainforest Butterflies, 04.05.2004 (product design with Simone SAKINOFSKY): 5c, 10c, 75c, $2 (SB …)
1954 Royal Tour Jubilee, 13.04.2004 (product design): 50c (SB 274)
Landmark Bridges, 02.03.2004 (product design): 5 x 50c (SB 274)
Christmas 2003, 01.11.2004 (product design): 45c, 50c, 90c (SB 272)
Active with Asthma, 14.10.2003 (product design): 50c (SB 272)
Nature of Australia: Rainforests, 08.07.2003 (product design): 4 x 50c (SB 270)
Antarctic Ships, 15.04.2003 (stamp typography & product design; stamp illustrations: Peter GOULDTHORPER): 2 x 50c, $1, $1.45 (SB 269)
Nature of Australia: Rainforests, 11.02.2003 (product design): $1.45 (SB 268)
International Greetings, 23.08.2002 (product design): 90c, $1.10, $1.65 (SB 266)
AAT Leopard Seals, 11.09.2001 (stamp typography & product design; stamp illustrations: Pete WALTON): 4 x 45c (SB 261)
Nature of Australia: Desert Birds, 09.08.2001 (product design): 4 x 45c (SB 261)
Australia–Hong Kong joint issue, 25.06.2001 (product design): 45c, $1 (SB 260)
Outback Services, 05.06.2001 (product design): 5 x 45c (SB 260)
Cocos (Keeling) Islands – Marine Life, 08.02.2001 (stamp typography & product design; stamp illustrations: Michael BAKER): 4 x 45c (ASB 258)
Year of the Snake, 08.01.2001 (product design): 45c, $1.35 & mini sheet (ASB 258)
Paralympic Games, 03.07.2000 (product design): 5 x 49c (ASB 255)
Korean War: 50th Anniversary, 18.04.2000 (stamp & product design): 45c, (SB 254)
Face of Australia, 01.01.2000 (stamp & product design): 25 x 45c, (SB 253)
Christmas 1999, 01.11.1999 (product design): 45c, $1 (SB 252)
Christmas Island Christmas, 09.09.1999 (stamp typography & product design; stamp illustrations: Nigel BUCHANAN): 40c, 45c, 95c (SB 251)
Cuscuses, 22.03.1996 (stamp design; stamp illustrations: Rosemary WOODFORD GANF): 2 x 45c & mini sheet (SB 234)
Christmas Island Marine Life, 18.04.1996 (stamp & product design): 20c, 30c, 45c, 90c (SB 234)
Military Aviation, 26.02.1996 (stamp typography; stamp illustrations: Norm CLIFFORD): 4 x 45c (SB 233)
Christmas Island Marine Life, 12.10.1995 (stamp & product design): 75c, $1 (SB 232)
Cocos (Keeling) Islands – Insects, 13.07.1995 (product design): 5 x 45c, $1.20 (SB 230)
Aviation Feats, 29.08.1994 (product design with Janet BOSCHEN): 2 x 45c, $1.35, $1.80 (SB 226)
Cocos Puppets, 16.06.1994 (stamp & product design): 45c, 90c, $1, $1.35 (SB 225)
Christmas Island Steam Locomotives, 19.05.1994 (stamp typography & product design; stamp illustrations: John RICHARDS): 85c, 95c, $1.20 (SB 224)
350th Anniversary of naming of Christmas Island, 01.12.1993 (product design): $2 (SB 222)

Postal stationery:

100 Years of Australian Commonwealth Postal Stationery pre-paid envelopes, 08.02.2011 (envelope designs):7 x PPE (SB 308)
Ipswich: 150 Years pre-paid envelope, 06.04.2010 (envelope design): 65c (SB 304)
Centenary of Royal Australian Army Medical Corps pre-stamped envelope, 04.07.2003 (envelope design): 50c (SB 270)
Centenary of Goldfields Water Supply Scheme pre-stamped envelope, 24.01.2003 (envelope design): 50c (SB 268)
Desert Flowers pre-stamped envelopes, 04.09.2001 (envelope designs): 5 x PPE (SB 261)
75th Anniversary of Qantas aerogramme 07.09.1995 (product design): 75c (SB 231)
Zoos pre-stamped envelopes, 28.09.1994 (envelope typography: design: Sue PASSMORE & Geoff COOK): 4 x PPE (SB 227)
Opening of NT Parliament House pre-stamped envelope, 12.05.1994 (product typography; illustration: Peter EDGELEY): 45c (SB 224)

Major products:

Annual Collection of Australian Stamps 2012, 11.2012 (book design): $109.95 (SB 319)
A Lasting legacy: Legends of Australian Philanthropy 01.2008 (book design): $? (SB 291)
Annual Collection of Australian Stamps 2005, 11.2005 (book design): $74.95 (SB 281)
A Selection of the Engraved Stamps of Australia: Federation 11.2001 (book design): $145 (SB 260)


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