Melbourne 2017 Stamp Exhibition highlights

A wonderful four days of philately and numismatics has just concluded at the Melbourne 2017 International Stamp Exhibition (the 34th Federation of Inter-Asian Philately (FIAP) International Exhibition), held between Thursday 30 March and Sunday 2 April 2017.

Time Audio Visual
0:00   Video starts with panning to the gates of Caulfield Racecourse
0:02 This is an Asia Pacific Stamp Exhibition, which is held annually in the Asia Pacific region.
0:03   Michael Zsolt, Philatelic Manager, speaking on screen
0:05   Shot of people queuing to purchase stamp products followed by a time-lapse of the queue moving and then people walking through the Australia Post stand.
0:08 It will house the largest collection of philatelic and numismatic collectables that Australia has seen since 2013.
0:17 Well, Australia Post is, of course, the administrative body for postage stamps in Australia so we play a big part in sponsoring this event.  
0:22   Video of some of the traders and products that they are offering for sale.
0:25 We've got a number of different exhibits for everyone to come have a look at, and some of them are really quite exciting.
0:32 First of all, we have a collection of classic Holden cars, and they are representative of some of the products, the limited edition products that we have actually on sale here.
The video moves along some of the classic Holden cars displayed outside the venue
0:40 Also, within the main Australia Post stand we have a collection of rare gemstones, which have been loaned to us from the Melbourne Museum, and examples of some of the beautiful precious gems that we've got on a number of the products that we've released for this program as well.
This part of the video focus on the rare gemstones on display from Museums Victoria 
0:52   Australia Post Logo
Thousands of people attended the event at Caulfield Racecourse, over four days. The atmosphere was buzzing, as attendees visited the more than 60 stall holders, spanning national and international stamp and coin dealers, auctions houses and more. There were lines going out the door for the Australia Post daily release products from our Rare Beauties stamp issue and the Holden Heritage Collection, and it was wonderful to see people of all ages, and families, taking an interest in stamps – old and new.
Queuing for the Melbourne 2017 International Stamp Exhibition
The Australia Post Print and Production stand was very well received. Hundreds of personally inscribed AFL medallion covers were created on the spot, with customers able to watch the process as it happened. The personalised tea towels and coasters were also a big hit, particularly the quality of the product and the super-quick turnaround time. Also popular were the classic cars on display from the Trafalgar Holden Museum and the gemstone display from Museum Victoria, which brought some of the stamp and product themes to life.
Print production at the Melbourne 2017 International Stamp Exhibition
The Designer Gallery was another very busy stand. Product signings by designers proved immensely popular over the entire event, and the individual postcards created and signed by each designer provided a unique takeaway for visitors. Gary Domoney, the designer of the Rare Beauties stamp issue, was also available to collectors during the event, signing countless covers, minisheets and prestige booklets! The designers and collectors enjoyed having the opportunity to learn more about each other. In fact, the whole Australia Post philatelic team enjoyed meeting with visitors, collectors and enthusiasts during the event, including at our Ideas hub, where collectors shared their personal collecting stories, favourite themes and stamp ideas.
Designer Gallery at the Melbourne 2017 International Stamp Exhibition

A particular highlight of the event were the many and varied philatelic exhibits. There were 245 competitive exhibits, drawn from 19 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The competitive exhibits occupied 1,134 frames, this number constituting one side of the double-sided frames. Ten Large Gold and 26 Gold medals were awarded to the top-ranking exhibits. In addition, 21 distinguished exhibits were featured from the Grand Prix Club of the Federation of Inter-Asian Philately, these exhibits being Grand Prix winners at previous FIAP exhibitions.

A special feature of the exhibition was “ROYALPEX 125”, comprising non-competitive exhibits contributed by members of the Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria. This year marks the 125th anniversary of the society’s foundation in 1892. Fifty exhibits were on display in the 150-frame ROYALPEX area.

“Early stamps of the Australian Antarctic Territory” was the theme of an eight-frame exhibit drawn from Australia Post’s National Philatelic Collection. The exhibit showcased the first seven AAT stamps issued between 1957 and 1961, all of which are recess (intaglio) printed stamps. The exhibit featured source photographs for the stamp designs, original stamp artwork, proofs printed from the engraved stamp dies and full sheets of the stamps. The choice of theme for the Australia Post exhibit was particularly appropriate, since the first AAT stamp was issued 60 years ago (27 March 1957).

It was wonderful to see the philatelic community and the general public come together in such a vibrant and positive atmosphere. Australia Post wishes to thank the exhibition organising committee and all of the national and international visitors who attended.