From 11 January 2021, you can create a truly personalised gift or keepsake to celebrate any birthday in 2021.

Our Personalised Happy Birthday stamp and coin cover has a special “Happy Birthday to you” postmark that can be set to record your birthdate or the birthdate of someone special. Simply follow the online ordering process, select the day and month of the birthday you want to commemorate and let us individually postmark that date on the cover!

Our birthday is the day of the year where we celebrate the fact that we came into the world and where our loved ones make us feel special for having been born. The Personalised Happy Birthday stamp and coin cover is designed to do just that. The bright and cheerful cover features birthday cupcakes in the design and contains an AUD$1 coloured coin from The Perth Mint that showcases presents, cake and lollies.

The cover also features a $1.10 balloons stamp.

Please note: any orders received from birthdays from 25 January onwards will not be dispatched until the Memorable Moments release date of 25 January.

The Personalised Happy Birthday stamp and coin cover is only available while stocks last, so get in quick!

Philatelic Team


This content was produced at the time of the product release dates and will not be updated.