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Welcome to the May–June edition of the Stamp Bulletin, and I hope you are all faring well in these unprecedented and anxious times. At the time of writing, our Post Offices – at the centre of communities, particularly in towns and regional areas – remain open to service their communities, and the Philatelic team continues to record our cultural life and natural history in stamps.

A major regional philatelic event affected by COVID-19 was the NZ2020 FIAP International Stamp Exhibition, due to the escalating threat and corresponding restrictions. In support of show organisers, we will go ahead with the release of the show-themed minisheet set, available in mint condition only.

The Navigating History stamp issue commemorates a significant event in Australian history. In 1768, Captain James Cook, departed England on the HMS Endeavour, on his first South Pacific voyage. First sighting Point Hicks on 20 April 1770, Cook then sailed north, charting the east coast of Australia. The format of the stamps in this issue is sure to attract plenty of collector interest. The five stamps are each worth $1.10, and their illustrations present a dual perspective of this historic voyage. Each stamp design is made up of two panes, and each features “Australia” and “55c”. The lower pane includes the year date, and three perforation marks separate the panes. The stamp measures 75mm (h) x 26mm (w).

This edition of the Bulletin also presents the stamp products for this year’s Australian Legends of Comedy issue, released in April. The two territories issues released over May–June both feature animals, with booby birds on the Cocos (Keeling) Islands stamps and the Norfolk Blue bovine on Norfolk Island. Diverse citizen science programs are recognised in a May issue of four stamps, while at the other end of the cultural scale, Australian fashion photography of the mid-century and Indigenous art from the Western Desert are celebrated in June stamp issues.

Product noticeThe Queen’s Birthday Medallion Cover (SKU #2066300) advertised in March-April Stamp Bulletin No. 364, page 15, was advertised to include a medallion with a gold-plated finish. The medallion included is silver-plated and not with a gold-plated finish. If you would like to return your item for a refund at the full purchase price please contact 1800 331 794 or email mailorder@auspost.com.au

Michael Zsolt

Manager, Philatelic, Australia Post

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