Hello Collectors

Welcome to the third edition of the Stamp Bulletin for 2022, presenting new stamp issues for Australia and the Australian Territories. We also feature collectables that celebrate the Australian Legends of Filmmaking, announced on 15 March.

In May, we present two stamp issues that relate to the longest living culture on Earth. Aboriginal Fibre Art showcases artworks created by the Yolŋu women of the Gapuwiyak community in north-east Arnhem Land, who create woven objects that are not only beautiful and culturally significant but also practical.

Native plants have played an important role in the traditional diet, medicines and cultural ceremonies of Aboriginal peoples. The Bush Seasonings stamp issue presents illustrations of three seasonings, with collectables including a recipe collection.

Also in May, we’ll release an issue of two stamps featuring historical jukongs of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. These traditional wooden sailboats, designed for local conditions, were used for work, fishing, transportation and social racing.

In June, we release Megapodes of Australia. Literally meaning “large foot”, these remarkable birds have habitats throughout mainland Australia, where they construct their large breeding mounds.

We also celebrate the survival of the Norfolk Island Morepork – a small owl and one of the world’s rarest, brought back from the brink thanks to ongoing conservation efforts.

On 14 June, we will commemorate the life of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, with a stamp featuring the official royal portrait painted by Australian-born and London-based artist Ralph Heimans.

From 9 May, the Great Aussie Coin Hunt is back with a brand-new set of 26 coins. This third hunt includes a special limited-edition coloured coin, which will be randomly placed within tubes of coins available for purchase from participating Post Offices, mail order and online. Collectors also have the chance to enter a daily draw to win $1,000 – see page 10 for more details.

Michael Zsolt

Manager, Philatelic, Australia Post

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