Hello Collectors

Welcome to the May edition of the Stamp Bulletin for 2023.

In this edition, we showcase the stamps and collectables for Australian Legends of Supercars, released on 27 April 2023. The stamp designs honour four living legends of Supercars racing, whose record-setting achievements across the decades are inspiring a new generation of drivers and who have contributed to the community through education, advocacy and charity work.

In May, we present three Christmas Island caves, which are popular with speleologists and an important habitat for fauna. We feature fascinating and colourful peacock spiders, known for their “dancing” antics, and we showcase four Australian jellyfish species.

In June, we present three stamp designs of extinct mammals, including the iconic Thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus), which was not a tiger but a pouched marsupial, related to kangaroos and driven to extinction, largely due to hunting by humans.

Still-life paintings by renowned Australian artists Margaret Olley and John Perceval are the subjects of two stamps released in June. We will also release an issue of two stamps showcasing endemic plant species found in the Norfolk Island Botanic Garden.

Working towards a sustainable future is important for current and future generations. Three new stamp designs in June focus on environmental sustainability, specifically biodiversity, indigenous land management and renewable energy technologies, each of which is at the forefront of Australia’s current sustainability efforts.

In this edition we also feature a range of exciting AFL Coin Hunt collectables, as part of a collaboration with the Royal Australian Mint. The release of these new coins in May will interest coin and sporting memorabilia collectors alike. Lucky customers may also find special coins in their change at participating Post Offices. Full details begin on page 26.

Michael Zsolt

Manager, Philatelic, Australia Post

This content was produced at the time of the Stamp Bulletin publication date and will not be updated.