The reef at Emily Bay, Norfolk Island is a popular spot for snorkelling, due to its clear water and an abundance of fish species. The most predominant family in terms of individual species are wrasses (Labridae).

Wrasses are a large family of fish that inhabit coral reefs and other temperate waters. They are often brightly coloured. As each wrasse species has differing colour patterns across male, female and (sometimes) juvenile, from 17 wrasse species in the reef there are almost 50 spectacular colour variations.

The stamps in this issue are illustrated by renowned painter, naturalist and zoologist Roger Swainston. Learn more about Roger's life’s work and discover some fascinating information about wrasses.

Products released in this issue

  • Minisheet
  • First day cover (blank, gummed, minisheet)

Technical specifications

Issue date
30 April 2018
Issue withdrawal date
31 October 2018
1 x $1, 1 x $2
Stamp design
Roger Swainston, Anima
Product design
Sonia Young
RA Printing
Paper - gummed
Tullis Russell Red Phosphor
Printing process
Offset lithography
Stamp size
37.5mm x 26mm
Minisheet size
135mm x 80mm
13.86 x 14.6
Sheet layout
Module of 50
FDI postmark
Norfolk Island NSW 2899
FDI withdrawal date
29 May 2018

Stamps in this issue

$1 Surge Wrasse

The $1 stamp features the vividly coloured adult male Surge Wrasse (Thalassoma purpureum).

$2 Luculent Wrasse

The $2 stamp features the striking orange-red Luculent Wrasse (Pseudolabrus luculentus).

This content was produced at the time of the stamp issue release date and will not be updated.