Did you know that dragonflies are carnivorous? Or that dragonflies, unlike damselflies, rest with their wings outstretched? Did you know that male dragonflies are usually more colourful than females?

Get involved in Stamp Collecting Month 2017 (SCM), and learn all about the amazing dragonfly: nature’s flying machine! Dragonflies are some of the most captivating creatures of the insect world, and there are around 325 species in Australia.

SCM runs through the whole of August and holds something for everyone …

For stamp collectors

SCM is a great way for stamp collectors to share their passion for stamps with their friends and family, especially children and grandchildren of primary school age.

The Dragonflies stamp issue, released on 1 August 2017, presents four magnificent dragonfly species and one spectacular damselfly: Scarlet Percher (Diplacodes haematodes), Arrowhead Rockmaster (Diphlebia nymphoides), Australian Tiger (Ictinogomphus australis), Jewel Flutterer (Rhyothemis resplendens) and Beautiful Petaltail (Petalura pulcherrima). The stamp illustrations, by Owen Bell, are incredibly life-like.

For students and parents

As well as some colourful stamps to enjoy, you can explore our SCM website. It’s packed with interesting information, fun facts and amazing images, as well as a fantastic video about dragonflies and their life cycle. You can also learn a bit more about stamp collecting, too.

View SCM website

Watch the Dragonflies video

For teachers

SCM brings a fascinating topic to life through stamps, in a way that appeals to primary school children and their teachers. We have produced some fantastic educational resources to explore in the classroom, including units of work (and a chart to make specific national curriculum links), as well as an informative video about dragonflies and their life cycle.

Download educational resources


Stamp Collecting Month 2017 runs during August. The Dragonflies stamp issue is available from 1 August 2017, online, at participating Post Offices and via mail order on 1800 331 794, while stocks last.

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Philatelic Team