In May, we bring you some marvellous collectables, spanning favourite shows and classic characters as well as iconic Aussie brands featured in the Great Aussie Coin Hunt 3.

May the Force be With You stamp pack

Available from 17 May 2022 and out now is a stamp pack celebrating the original Star Wars film, released in 1977, which gave rise to the much-repeated refrain “May the Force be with you” and generated an iconic movie franchise. The pack contains 12 $1.10 MyStamps that feature graphics and characters from this movie masterpiece.

Goofy stamp pack

Also released on 3 May 2022 and out now is a stamp pack that celebrates 90 years of Goofy the clumsy yet kind-hearted friend of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, who is much loved for his cheerfulness and his eccentric and slapstick style of comedy. The pack contains 12 $1.10 MyStamps with Goofy graphics, as well as 10 $1.10 naughts and crosses heart stamps, with some fun Goofy graphics in the stamp tabs.

Great Aussie Coin Hunt 3 – special collectables

As part of the Great Aussie Coin Hunt 3, we released some special collectables on 9 May 2022. There’s a limited-edition postal numismatic cover (PNC) for each of the K for Kelpie, L for Luna Park, and R for R.M.Williams coins.

There’s also a limited-edition PNC featuring D for Darrell Lea and a Darrell Lea stamp pack ($28.50 RRP). The pack contains 24 self-adhesive MyStamps, featuring photos of Darrell Lea stores and chocolate-making through the years, as well as package designs for some of Darrell Lea’s best-selling treats. To top it off, both the stamp on the PNC and the stamps in the pack are scratch and sniff and smell like chocolate!

The May the Force be with You stamp pack, the Goofy stamp pack, the Kelpie, Luna Park and R.M.Williams PNCs, and the Darrell Lea stamp pack and PNC are available now, online, at participating Post Offices and via mail order on 1800 331 794, while stocks last.

Philatelic Team


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