Spring has brought with it a bumper crop of philatelic collectables. There are three licensed stamp packs celebrating some favourite animated characters and movies, old and new, as well as two postage paid envelopes (PPEs) commemorating anniversaries of note.

Betty Boop: 90 Years

On 1 September 2020, we released a licensed stamp pack to celebrate 90 years of the cartoon vamp Betty Boop, who made her first appearance in 1930 and became famous around the world for her squeaky-voiced “Boop-Oop-a-Doop” catch-cry. The pack contains 12 self-adhesive $1.10 MyStamps featuring sensational and sassy Betty Boop graphics.

Fantasia: 80 Years

The Disney animated movie classic Fantasia was released 80 years ago, in 1940. The first commercial film to feature stereo (as opposed to mono) sound, Fantasia brings together eight delightful animated stories, each set to classical music. To celebrate this cinematic masterpiece, we will release a licensed stamp pack on 15 September 2020. The pack design features wonderful graphics from the movie as well as 12 self-adhesive $1.10 MyStamps, the majority of which feature Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Trolls World Tour

On 22 September 2020, we will release a cheerful licensed stamp pack all about the movie Trolls World Tour. In this second Trolls movie adventure, Poppy tries to make the world safe for all kinds of music and to ensure harmony between the various Troll tribes. Included in the pack are 12 self-adhesive $1.10 MyStamps, with colourful Trolls featured in the designs. Also included in the pack is a DVD of the original movie, Trolls.

Diplomatic Relations between Australia and Mauritius: 50 Years

On 25 September 2020, we’ll release a PPE that marks 50 years of official diplomatic relations between the nations of Australia and Mauritius. The envelope features two attractive floral species: Trochetia boutoniana, which is endemic to Mauritius and its national flower, and Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha), Australia’s national flower.

Stella Maris, Apostleship of the Sea: 100 Years

On 29 September 2020, we’ll release a PPE to mark 100 years since the establishment of Stella Maris, an organisation set up to provide practical and pastoral support to seafarers in need. Also known as the Apostleship of the Sea, it is the largest ship visiting network in the world.


The Betty Boop: 90 Years stamp pack is available now, online, at participating Post Offices and via mail order on 1800 331 794, while stocks last.

The Diplomatic Relations between Australia and Mauritius: 50 Years PPE will be available from 25 September 2020, and the Stella Maris, Apostleship of the Sea PPE will be available from 29 September 2020, via the channels listed above. The Fantasia: 80 Years stamp pack will be available from 15 September 2020 and the Trolls World Tour stamp pack is on sale from 22 September 2020, via the channels listed above.

Philatelic Team


This content was produced at the time of the product release dates and will not be updated.