The Silo Art stamp issue has been voted Australia’s favourite stamp design for 2018 by collectors and stamp enthusiasts. There were 461 respondents who completed the online poll, ranking either their “top 5” stamp issues and least favourite issue, or selecting to rank each Australian and territories issue in order of preference.

While more than 92 per cent of the respondents were from Australia, the remaining respondents came from around 20 countries, including USA, UK, New Zealand, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovenia, India and Thailand. Almost half of the respondents were in the 60+ age bracket, though around 35 per cent of respondents were aged 44 to 59. There was also some participation in the 30 to 44 age group, by those aged 18 to 29 and by under 18s.

The top 10 stamp issues are outlined below. This year, art, nature and landscapes ranked highly, including a combination of these themes. Historical, vintage and wartime themes resonated too.

The stamp issue voted most popular in this year’s poll is Silo Art, designed by Janet Boschen Design. The issue taps into the recent phenomenon of painting extraordinary artworks onto the towering grain silos dotted around Australia’s rural wheat-growing towns. The epic artworks featured on the stamps were created by renowned street artists. Guido van Helten created four towering figures at Brim in Victoria’s Wimmera district, each figure sheltering from the heat and dust. Drapl and The Zookeeper painted aspects of the south-west Queensland town of Thallon across a massive silo, including the region’s spectacular sunsets. The silo mural at Ravensthorpe, Western Australia, Six Stages of Banksia baxteri by Amok Island, depicts this endemic floral species as well as some of its main pollinators. For the Weethalle silo, in New South Wales, Mongolian-born Heesco Khosnaran chose to represent the district’s main agricultural activities: shearing and wheat growing, inspired by local photographs.

Visit our stamp poll webpage for a full run-down of this year’s results as well as those of previous polls.

This content was produced in February 2019 and will not be updated.

Philatelic Team