Did you join in on Australia Post’s ground-breaking Great Aussie Coin Hunt in 2019? Well, from 10 May 2021, Australians across the country can embark on the Great Aussie Coin Hunt 2, with a whole new set of 26 special $1 coins to collect that are Aussie Az!

The coins are a fun and nostalgic celebration of Australian life and help to connect families and communities through the fun of the hunt. Each coin features a classic Australian icon beginning with a letter of the alphabet, ranging from an Akubra hat to Zinc sunscreen.

Simply visit a participating Post Office, make a cash purchase and check your change to see whether it includes one of 26 new coin designs.

This exciting treasure hunt is aimed at collectors of all ages (even collectors in the making), so why not bring your children or grandchildren into your local participating Post Office and join in the fun! Hunt for all 26 coins or collect specific letters to create personalised sets and spell your name or the names of family and friends!

The Great Aussie Coin Hunt 2 begins on 10 May 2021, at participating Post Offices. Coins are subject to in-store availability.

To learn more, visit: aussiecoinhunt.com.au

Philatelic Team


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