Lunar New Year 2015 – Year of the Goat

Christmas Island Lunar New Year 2015 Year of the Goat

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Lunar New Year is the most important of the traditional Chinese festivals and is celebrated by Chinese people throughout the world. It is a time of renewal and settling unfinished business.

Lunar New Year celebrations vary regionally in China, but they centre on family. A family reunion dinner is held, with specially prepared food. Incense is burned for ancestors; friends visit each other with presents and cards are exchanged. Gifts of money wrapped in lucky red paper envelopes are distributed widely.

The Stamps

The Chinese Zodiac is made up of a 12-year cycle, and Chinese animal signs are used for dating the years. For festive seasons, such as the New Year, the Chinese Lunar Calendar is used. Accordingly, the Year of the Goat begins on 19 February 2015 and concludes on 7 February 2016. The element is wood and the lucky colour is green.

The recurring animal year cycle is Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat (or Sheep), Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. The Goat is the eighth sign in the Chinese zodiac and symbolises independence. Those born under the Goat sign are seen as reserved, quiet and deeply affectionate.

The stamps show the Chinese calligraphic character for the Goat in the $2.10c stamp. Its pictorial representation, with floral inlay, is shown in the 70c stamp.

70c Year of the Goat
$2.10 Year of the Goat

The minsheet tells the story (in Chinese and English) of the Tu tribal wedding tradition. When the marriage takes place, the groom gives a female goat to his parents-in-law as a symbolic replacement of the good nature, calmness, tenderness and purity of their daughter.

Zodiac sheetlet
The zodiac sheetlet was introduced in 2002. It consists of the minisheet and 12 stamp designs showing each animal in the Chinese Zodiac:

  • 15c – Rat, Ox, Dragon, Snake 
  • 25c – Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog 
  • 30c – Tiger, Rabbit, Horse, Pig

The zodiac sheetlet is a continuing feature of the Lunar New Year issue. In this issue, the stamps feature colourful, graphic illustrations of each animal sign, incorporating their associated lucky gemstone. Each gemstone is said to have attributes that match the personality of each animal sign and bring good luck.

Technical Details

  • Issue date

    8 January 2015
  • FDI withdrawal

    6 February 2015
  • Denomination

    1 x 70c, 1 x $2.10
  • Stamp design

    Dani Poon<p></p>
  • Product design

    Lisa Christensen, Australia Post Design Studio<p></p>
  • Paper (gummed)

    Tullis Russell
  • Printer (gummed)

    McKellar Renown
  • Printing process

  • Stamp size

    26mm x 37.5mm
  • Minisheet size

    136mm x 70mm
  • Zodiac sheetlet size

    170mm x 210mm
  • Perforations

    14.6 x 13.86
  • Sheet layout

    Module of 50 (foiled)
  • National postmark

    Christmas Island, WA 6798
  • Issue withdrawal date

    31 December 2015


The stamps, minisheet and zodiac sheetlet stamps were designed by Ms Dani Poon, Tak Nai of Melbourne. Dani was born in China and grew up in Hong Kong, alive to the cultural sensibilities of the Chinese legendary stories and Chinese history. She has nine years design and illustration experience in the graphics industry internationally. After graduating from Swinburne University School of Design in 1998, Dani has worked in Melbourne, Italy and Hong Kong, developing product ranges, art directing and designing product campaigns. Dani has been commissioned for the complete cycle of twelve designs, the Goat being the eighth in the commission.

Additional Products

  • Minisheet
  • Zodiac sheetlet
  • Cover (blank)
  • First day cover (gummed)
  • First day cover (Zodiac)
  • First day cover (minisheet)
  • Stamp pack/greeting card
  • Postcard
  • PPE
  • IPPE
  • PNC
  • PNC (Lion Dance)
  • Prestige book
  • Silk minisheet pack
  • Gutter (10 x 70c) design
  • Gutter (10 x $2.10)

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