The Corn Poppy (Papaver rhoeas), best known as the Flanders Poppy, grew profusely in the trenches and on the battlefields of the Western Front. As such, it is this flower that has become synonymous with war-related remembrance.

Yet historical accounts suggest that poppies were not present to any great extent in the fields of Flanders prior to World War I, due to the poor nature of the soil and the absence of much-needed nutrients and ploughing. It is said that artillery shells and shrapnel agitated the earth and exposed the seeds to the light the poppies needed to germinate.

Correspondence from this time refers to the abundant fields of red poppies, and references begin appearing in poetry, including perhaps the most famous example, “In Flanders Field” by Canadian poet, soldier and medical doctor John McCrae.

Red poppies, however, are not the only poppies synonymous with remembrance. This stamp issue explores the red poppy, along with two other evocative coloured poppies: white (for peace and all war victims) and purple (for animals in war).

Technical specifications

Issue date
24 October 2023
Issue withdrawal date
1 May 2024
$1.20 x 3
Stamp & product design
Matt Remphrey, Parallax Design
Paper: gummed
Tullis Russell 104gsm Red Phosphor
Paper: self-adhesive
Domain Securpost/MC 90 Non-Phos
RA Printing
Printing process
Offset lithography
Stamp size (mm)
35 x 35
Minisheet (mm)
170 x 80
14.28 x 14.28
Sheet layout
Module of 50 (2 x 25 no design)
FDI Postmark
Canberra ACT 2601
FDI withdrawal date
22 November 2023

Stamps in this issue

$1.20 Red Remembrance Poppy

The red poppy as an official symbol of remembrance came about due to largely due to the work of two women – French lecturer Anna Guérin (1868–1961) and American professor Moina Michael (1869–1944) – humanitarians who campaigned over many years to have the poppy made an international symbol of fundraising for those affected by war. The Returned Sailors and Soldiers Imperial League of Australia, the forerunner to the Returned and Services League (RSL), officially adopted the red poppy emblem for its remembrance activities in August 1921.

$1.20 White Remembrance Poppy

The white poppy is an international symbol of remembrance for all casualties of war, whether civilians or armed forces personnel. As a symbol of peace, it seeks to encourage unity and hope and to challenge attempts to glamourise war. In Australia, some see the white poppy as an alternative to the red poppy, others see it as complementary and choose to wear both.

White poppies were first produced as an item of remembrance in 1933 by the Women’s Co-operative Guild, England. The guild was concerned about remembrance events becoming militarised, as well as (well-founded) fear of another war.

$1.20 Purple Remembrance Poppy

Animals have been put to many uses in war. In the context of Australian forces, these important tasks have included tracking by dogs, transport of soldiers and equipment by horses, camels and donkeys, and message delivery by pigeons. To commemorate all the animal deeds and sacrifices in war, the not-for-profit Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation issues a purple poppy badge. The National Day for War Animals in Australia is observed annually on 24 February and is way to recognise the service and sacrifice of these animals, for the sake of humans.

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